Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1? Do you sell the full range of new Ricoh products?

This website offers a small selection from the Ricoh product range that we have available on special pricing. For the full range of machines you can visit our main website or contact us at CNE on 01914907000 or

Q2? Why do you have two websites, Copiers North East and Total Business Group?

There are many customers who look for reconditioned machines as opposed to new equipment. This additional website enables TBG to cater for this requirement to both new and existing customers. Copiers North East predominantly shows our current range of refurbished equipment including the lease and purchase price.

Q3? What happens when you refurbish a machine?

All refurbished machines go through a workshop programme consisting of a multi-point check (details of which are provided). Any parts or components that show signs of wear are replaced with new. We only use genuine Ricoh parts to guarantee quality.

Our Multi Point Refurbishment Checklist

  • We will check that the machine is in great aesthetic condition
  • We will test all functionality on the machine to ensure it is in full working order
  • We will configure the machine to our network and carry out full network testing
  • We will run full reports on the consumable parts to provide us with information for the full rebuild
  • We will replace all of the photo conductor units (3 colour 1 mono)
  • We will replace all developers (3 colour 1 mono)
  • We will replace all additional consumable items which have exceeded 30% life
  • We will replace any damaged non-consumable, superficial parts

Q4? Is the service arrangement the same for refurbished machines as new machines?

Yes we treat our refurbished models and new models the same as far as service is concerned. We also guarantee a minimum life expectancy of five years.

Q5? What is included in your service agreement?

The service costs cover all call outs, service, labour, maintenance, replacement parts, drums and fuser units, as well as mono and colour toners.

Q6? What are service costs?

Service costs vary depending on the machine model and monthly volume however we are happy to provide personalised costs on request.

Q7? How does the minimum life or exchange equipment work?

We give this as part of your service agreement and as long as you maintain the service agreement with us we guarantee it will be replaced free of charge if it cannot be repaired or is excessively problematic. The only exceptions to the exchange are in the following instances:
(a) misuse or insurance related damage such as fire, flood and theft.
(b) The manufacturer's recommended monthly volumes have not been exceeded. TBG will then be happy facilitate a like for like replacement machine for the remainder of the 5 year term.

Q8? How do we place a service call?

Service calls can be placed via telephone or email directly into our dedicated helpdesk.

Q9? How quickly do you respond to service calls?

Service calls are actioned on maximum of 4 hours response and on an AM/PM basis with calls logged on the morning receiving an engineer that afternoon. Afternoon calls are actioned the following morning.

Q10? How do we re-order toner?

Toners can be ordered via telephone or email into our helpdesk, however all networked models are connected to our @remote system which automatically emails us when your toner is low allowing sufficient time for us to replenish your stock.

Q11? How do we submit meter readings?

All of our networked machines connected to our @remote system submit readings automatically. Alternatively meter readings can be submitted manually by telephone to one of our service operators or via email.

Q12? Do the costs quoted include delivery and operator training?

Yes we deliver and install machines at the prices quoted on the website. We have specialist handling equipment to aid installs in the most difficult locations where lifts are not available. When we leave your office we will have installed and fully trained your staff on the equipment.

Q13? Who installs the machine onto our network?

We will either fully manage the installation of the equipment onto your network, or work alongside your own IT personnel to manage the installation. With having the expertise of our own IT support company we are happy to facilitate your preference.

Q14? Do all your machines Print and Scan?

Generally we select machines with print and scan as standard so these functions will be available. We do occasionally receive models without print and scan modules however our website will clearly indicate the functionality of each machine on sale.

Q15? Can I print from my MAC?

To print from a MAC you will need a postscript module fitted to the machine. Please look at models fitted with postscript if you would like this.

Q16? Can I scan to a folder or to my email address?

All our machines with scan facilities can scan to a folder or group of folders. All machines can scan to an email address as long as your IT system supports this function.

Q17? Can we fax?

Fax is an option and is available on some models. Please look for machines with a fax module fitted if you require this function.

Q18? What is leasing?

Leasing offers a tax efficient means of spreading the payment of the equipment over terms from 1 to 5 years and is an alternative to purchasing the goods outright

Q19? Who is eligible for leasing?

The list of eligibility is large but in general if you are a Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, School, Charity, Church, Medical Practice, and Government Body you will qualify for leasing.

Q20? We are a relatively young business, will that cause us a problem obtaining leasing?

It is true we may find it more difficult to gain leasing but that is not to say impossible. You may find that funders will offer terms no longer than three years to start with, or the rates they offer are higher than the rates we use for this website. (We publish rental costs based on the best available rate we have available, which are subject to approval and may change).


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