Print Management

Effectively managing your print usage will not only improve workflows and business processes but ultimately drive up business efficiency. At Total Business Group we work with our customers to provide a cost effective solution to their print management needs.

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Equitrac Office

Equitrac Office print management software helps companies take control of print and manage their print environment to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programmes.

Equitrac Office benefits:
  • Track print, copy, and scan activity company-wide
  • Allocate document costs to a department/office
  • Set and enforce print/copy quotas to prevent output waste
  • Improve document security with Follow-You Printing ®

Equitrac Express

Equitrac Express brings accountability and control over printer output to any school, college or education authority, making printing convenient and secure while reducing costs and waste.

Equitrac Express benefits:
  • Track output from all connected printers and copiers
  • Use print reports to set and enforce print quotas
  • Provide secure and convenient access to print facilities, at anytime, anywhere

Equitrac Professional

Equitrac Professional allows firms of lawyers and other professionals to capture, allocate and bill accurately for all client-related expenses, while providing control over their printing, copying and scanning costs.

Equitrac Professional benefits:
  • Track client expenses automatically
  • Record client information for every service
  • Enforce internal rules to reduce total print volume
  • Redirect jobs to the most cost-effective output device


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