Our Machine Refurbishment & Service Guarantee

Our Service

We are one of only a handful of RICOH Dealers who have been awarded RICOH's "GOLD"accreditation for service. We are rigorously assessed and annually audited to ensure the standards that are required to achieve this status are maintained.

Below are some of the key reasons we have been given such an award.

Each of our customers receives a support package to meet their individual requirements. This is discussed and agreed at the point of sale and a service agreement put in place. We offer all of our customers a quarterly, biannual or annual review at which we will provide data on equipment performance together with average response times to make sure standards are being met. If at any time you are dissatisfied with our services we will discuss everything with you openly and honestly until we have reached complete satisfaction.

Our service help desk manages all technical issues on your behalf. We always use our own IT personnel so we don't need to use third party support providers. This allows us to handle any issues in-house. We respond to calls on an AM/PM basis, which is typically within 4 hours, however our system reports tell us our current response time is 1.4 hours for an emergency call out.

All of our engineers are fully trained by RICOH and are required to complete monthly online examinations to ensure their knowledge is up to date and to maintain our "GOLD" status.

All machines we install are configured with our @Remote monitoring system. This automatically notifies us of hardware issues, re-orders toner as it gets low, and supplies us with meter readings each month to make life easier for you.

We only use parts that are manufactured and supplied by RICOH to ensure quality is maintained. Our service contract covers the provision of all replacement parts, call outs, labour and consumable items such as toners, drums and fusers.

Each machine we supply comes with a support package giving a 5 year Parts Warranty. In addition our support package has a 5 year exchange guarantee on your product should it fail to perform.

Our Refurbished Machines

We strive to offer you the widest choice of machines from the thousands of products available. Whatever your requirements or budget we usually have something to suit. Many of our machines have options such as Booklet Finishers, Print or Scan as standard to give you the very best features at a competitive cost.

Each used machine we purchase has been carefully selected to ensure we only take in the highest quality machines with the lowest volumes. This doesn't mean you pay more it just means we look harder for the right machines.

Each used machine we purchase goes through a rigorous refurbishment programme to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition. They will never be classed as new but they are as close as we can get to new. All of our machines are offered with a support package to keep your machine in first class condition.

Our purchasing team are so selective on the models we take we guarantee they reach you at a competitive price. We offer you options to purchase; lease or rent machines on flexible short term contracts.

All of our refurbished machines come with a guaranteed minimum life expectancy of five years when taken with our support agreement. Every model is covered by our 5 year parts and exchange warranty.

Our Installations

When you purchase or lease a machine from us we guarantee to install your new machine on the day and time that has been agreed and we will manage the install to minimise any disruption to you. Our costs include full installation so the prices you see are the prices you pay.

We will fully configure your machine onto your network and setup printing and scanning for your users. We will install and setup any software solutions that have been taken with your machine as part of the delivery.

We will provide full on site training for key operators and general users free of charge.

We will familiarise your staff with call logging and escalation procedures.


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